Can experiential ads solve the "what I ordered vs what I got problem"?

Episode 128 September 27, 2022 01:07:38
Can experiential ads solve the "what I ordered vs what I got problem"?
Techpoint Africa Podcast
Can experiential ads solve the "what I ordered vs what I got problem"?

Sep 27 2022 | 01:07:38


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Chimgozirim Nwokoma Oluwanifemi Kolawole Bolu Abiodun

Show Notes

Today on the Techpoint Africa Podcast, Ogheneruemu steps out from behind the camera and sits down with ShopEx's Country Manager, Olajumoke Kujero and Head of Marketing, Oyindamola Olaniyan.

The three discuss Nigeria's — and possibly West Africa's — first teleshopping company, ShopEx. They share their wins, challenges, effects of their target audience on their approach, and plans for the future.

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00:00 - Introduction
02:25 - We meet Ola and Oyin
03:38 - What is teleshopping?
08:42 - Shooting 3-minute infomercials
12:20 - Why teleshopping?
17:06 - Infusing buy now, pay later in teleshopping
26:38 - Is eCommerce dead?
30:39 - How the Russia-Ukraine conflict is affecting ShopEx
33:46 - Life since a $635,000 raise
37:53 - Shooting 15-minute infomercials
43:04 - Why change infomercial strategy and how will it affect ShopEx?
47:09 - Why not just have a dedicated channel?
49:14 - Overcoming challenges
55:38 - Regulating the eCommerce space in Nigeria
58:21 - Dealing with competition
59:56 - The future of ShopEx
01:04:09 - Would live-streaming social commerce solve trust issues?

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