Hacking and frauds everywhere you go

June 30, 2022 00:32:46
Hacking and frauds everywhere you go
Techpoint Africa Podcast
Hacking and frauds everywhere you go

Jun 30 2022 | 00:32:46


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Emmanuel Paul Oluwanifemi Kolawole Chimgozirim Nwokoma

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Various reports suggest that cybersecurity attacks on companies have increased since the pandemic. Previously, organisations such as the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Salem University, and Mount Kenya University have been discovered to have weak cybersecurity.

This week, a group, RansomHouse, announced that they were responsible for a data breach at the retail giant, Shoprite. While Shoprite has previously acknowledged these attacks, it raises concerns over the security of customers’ data.


3:42 - ShopRite hack
18:18 - MTN accuses Nigerian banks of fraud

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