Tech Nation Visa is shutting down

Episode 159 February 02, 2023 00:24:32
Tech Nation Visa is shutting down
Techpoint Africa Podcast
Tech Nation Visa is shutting down

Feb 02 2023 | 00:24:32


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Chimgozirim Nwokoma Oluwanifemi Kolawole Bolu Abiodun

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Today on the Techpoint Africa Podcast, Emmanuel discusses the recent happenings shaping the African tech space with our reporters.
The stories:
  • Kenyan senate proposes to amend the Employment Act in Kenya
  • The Nigerian Central Bank's AfriGo card scheme
  • Tech Nation is shutting down
  • Google bans unlicensed loan apps in Kenya  
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00:00 - Intro
02:39 - Kenya's push for work-life balance
07:41 - CBN's AfriGo card scheme
11:24 - Tech Nation Visa is shutting down
16:19 - Google’s ban on unlicensed loan apps
20:40 - MNT-Halan becomes Egypt's first unicorn
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