Can they succeed where Amazon and DHL failed?

Episode 123 September 08, 2022 00:37:36
Can they succeed where Amazon and DHL failed?
Techpoint Africa Podcast
Can they succeed where Amazon and DHL failed?

Sep 08 2022 | 00:37:36


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Emmanuel Paul Oluwanifemi Kolawole Chimgozirim Nwokoma

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Today on the Techpoint Africa Podcast, we do a rundown of some of this week's news in the tech space, with Oluwanifemi, Emmanuel, and Bolu as our hosts.

Some highlights:

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00:00 - Intro

02:36 - Apple iPhone 14 event

09:46 - Nigerian government suspends 5% excise duty on data, calls, and SMS

17:00 - Google's Startups Black Founders Fund

19:22 - YCombinator's S22 Demo Day

26:55 - Jumia using Zipline drones for deliveries in Ghana

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